To ensure your safety on the track there are some rules that you need to know and to abide. RULES

Entry into the go-cart course is at your own risk. Clients should follow all instructions of the course staff. Disobeying any instructions will result in immediate exclusion from the race track. Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden. Those who not drive are TO STAY in the designated viewing area. Children under 7 years are not allowed to participate in racing. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult minimum 18 years old. It is obligatory to use a helmet. Suits and gloves are voluntary and they are borrowed free of charge. Open toe shoes are not permitted while driving. NO scarves or kerchiefs are to be worn. Long hair should be tucked in under the helmet. NEVER take your helmet off when you are on the track. Fasten helmet strap tightly underneath chin. It is strictly forbidden to get out of karts during the ride. In case of technical or other problems it is necessary to immediately go to the pits. Other racers and staff must be informed by raising your hand. NEVER step on the brake and gas accelerator at the same time. Do NOT touch the engine and the exhaust pipe, they are very HOT and you risk BURNS! Always keep both hands on the steering wheel. Watch out especially for all tires marked with yellow and black tape. All of them are solid. If your kart is stuck in a wall DO NOT ACCELERATE, RELEASE ALL PEDALS. Don't attempt to pull yourself out of the barrier with your legs or arms. Put your hand up and a marshal will tend to you as soon as he can. Once the marshal has removed you from the barrier DO NOT TAKE OFF UNTIL HE INSTRUCTS YOU TO DO SO. Karting is a NON CONTACT SPORT, any intentional PUSHING or RAMMING will result in a 1st WARNING with 2nd WARNING you may be removed from the track without money refund. After LAST LAP sign, from the time measuring spot, go slowly to the stopping area. Overtaking is forbidden. Stay in the kart till the last driver will finish. Slower drivers MUST let faster drivers PASS and not block others on the course. In case of disobedience of the above mentioned rules the operator is NOT liable or responsible for any damages. If you HIT A MARSHALL while on the track YOUR RACE WILL END immediately.


Although it's better to book your arrival, you can come any time during the opening hours and have a great time racing with your friends or trying to beat our best driver's times. No experience needed. On your demand our proffesional staff will support you with all the informations and tips needed to drive safely on the track and to have fun from your sesion. If you're not sure if karting is a good thing for you, you can try it for free. We start from 15 minutes sesion for 20 euro wich is perfect for the beginners but it's also good for more skilled drivers. Every next 15 minutes cost 10 euro more which means that more time you will choose to drive cheaper it will be for you. Time that you will choose you can use for racing, time beating sesion or just for the training traying different types of driving on the same corners etc.


Grand Prix starts from 8 people. It's more organized and more fun type of driving for you on our track. You can feel adrenalin buzzing when you compete with other drivers and this feeling is getting more intense when you're getting closer to be the winner. We offer you 3 types of grand prix as follows:


All participants are divided into two groups 1 x 8 LAPS for practice for each group 2 x 10 LAPS for qualifications 4 fastest participants go to a 10 LAP final


1 x 10 LAPS for practice 4 x 10 LAPS for qualifications 4 fastest participants go to a 15 LAP final


1 x 10 LAPS for practice 4 x 12 LAPS for qualifications 2 x 15 LAPS for semi-final (races 2 groups of qualifications winners) 4 fastest participants go to a 20 LAP final Your time will be divided into practice, qualifications, semi-finals (only GRAND PRIX DELUX) and final race. Only the fastest four will go to the final. They will be set on the grid positions depending on the times they had achieved in the qualifications. We also provide prizes for winners. DISCLAMER Before you will gain access to the track you will need to sign disclamer which you can read below.


TODAYS DATE: ___________________________________________________________ NAME: __________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________ MOBILE: ________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL __________________________________________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH __________________________________________________________ Despite R-ONE Karting taking all reasonable precautions, accidents can happen and in respect of these YOU ARE PRESENT HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I understand that by driving dangerously or making excessive contact with other karts or the tires that I could forfeit my right to complete the session and may be barred from continuing without right to refund. I am in good health and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and do not suffer from any illness, disability, epilepsy, back problems, heart disease, pregnancy and I do not suffer from any preexisting condition which might make it unsafe to drive also including that my eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test. I agree that I have read and understood the above declaration and the rules that are in force on R-ONE Karting track. I am aware that Karting can be dangerous and I agree to abide the rules set down by R-One Karting and to obey all instructions from the marshals of R-One Karting. Signed __________________________________________________________________ If under 18 parent/guardian must also sign Signature of parent / guardian ________________________________________________


The Best R-ONE track drivers


1 Vicki Corcoron 18:93
2 Maria Kehoe 18:96
3 Tracey Firzpatrick 19:23
4 Helen G. 19:28
5 Leila Thompson 19:31
6 Larah Campbell 19:32
7 Ammy Wall 19:33
8 Danielle Lacey 19:35
9 Emma C. 19:36
10 Wicki Wheelock 19:37


1 Tom Kendrick 17:85
2 Arnold HUN. 18:19
3 Jason K. 18:22
4 J.Wilson 18:23
5 J.Dixon 18:26
6 Eddie Nolan 18:27
7 Przemek Raulin 18:28
8 Tommy Fooley 18:29
9 Jordan H. 18:30
10 Ryle Phelan 18:31

Opening Hours

Open 7 days a week

Monday - Friday 2 pm -9 pm
Saturday - Sunday 12 pm-9 pm
Bank Holidays 12 pm-9 pm

Please book your drive min 1day before if you don’t want to wait.
You can drive after or before opening hours. Just call us earlier.

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