PRICES (wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding)


Bayliner 230 HP 4.3L   with tower boom. 




60€ per person

If u are coming with a group of minimum 3 people or more.


                                                                           PRICES INCLUDE:

Theoretical knowledge - safety rules and technical preparation for sport, qualified instructor, wetsuit, life jacket, helmet,  motorboat + petrol, equipment for wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding.


 All time you'll purchase is dedicated for gliding on surface water. Nothing is taken for the preparation and theoretical knowledge. At any time you can choose between wakeboarding, waterskiing or kneeboarding.


 It's up to you how you gonna organize the time on the boat that you purchased


        Before each ride our instructor presents the principles of safety and discusses basics of body position and techniques for the chosen water sport. For beginners we adjust teaching so that everyone was able to master the basics skills of selected sport. There are no worries that someone will hurt in the water, our professional instructor will teach you everything from the beginning and properly secure everyone trying to adapt to each one needs. Gliding on water surface is allowed for children above the age of seven (under the supervision of our instructor). All children up to 8 years must be accompanied in the boat by a responsible adult minimum 18 years old.


How it works :

 You do not have to worry about anything-the only thing you need to do is to call us on this number  0871661705,make a booking that suits you and arrive at R-One Karting or Wexfort harbort.Price includes boat, fuel, instructor, safety vests, neoprene, helmet, equipment.After meeting with the instructor who will give you the necessary information and basic hints,we begin our adventure on the Slaney river.





Price List Karting

BASIC PRICES - Arrive and drive

  • 15 min. - 20 Euro p/p
  • 30 min. - 30 Euro p/p
  • 45 min. - 40 Euro p/p
  • 60 min. - 50 Euro p/p


Family discount - €5 less p/p

Family with kids pay 5 Euro less p/p from basic prices. Only kids under 14 years old can use this discount.

Groups Discount - get €5 p/p off

5 people and more get €5 p/p off basic price.

Hen and Stag Parties - €5 p/p off

Get €5 p/p off the basic price with the brige / groom driving for free. This reduction a not applies to the GRAND PRIX prices

Birthday party

Come to our track on your birthday with at least 4 more friends and get a birthday gift from R-ONE Karting. The person celebrating birthday drives for free while friends get €5 p/p off the basic price. ( Min. 5 people in total or more ).This reduction a not applies to the GRAND PRIX prices


This card gives a discount of €5 on the basic prices for each race. Card validity - 1 Year.


This card will give you 50% discount on all prices in our basic price list. Card validity - 2 months.

GRAND PRIX PRICES - Starts from 8 people


All participants are divided into two groups 1 x 8 LAPS for practice for each group 2 x 10 LAPS for qualifications 4 fastest participants go to a 10 LAP final (prize provided for the winner)


1 x 10 LAPS for practice 4 x 10 LAPS for qualifications 4 fastest participants go to a 15 LAP final (prize provided for the winner)

GRAND PRIX DELUX - 45 Euro p/p

1 x 10 LAPS for practice 4 x 12 LAPS for qualifications 2 x 15 LAPS for semi-final (races 2 groups of qualifications winners) 4 fastest participants go to a 20 LAP final (prize provided for the winner)




The Best R-ONE track drivers


1 Vicki Corcoron 18:93
2 Maria Kehoe 18:96
3 Tracey Firzpatrick 19:23
4 Helen G. 19:28
5 Leila Thompson 19:31
6 Larah Campbell 19:32
7 Ammy Wall 19:33
8 Danielle Lacey 19:35
9 Emma C. 19:36
10 Wicki Wheelock 19:37


1 Tom Kendrick 17:85
2 Arnold HUN. 18:19
3 Jason K. 18:22
4 J.Wilson 18:23
5 J.Dixon 18:26
6 Eddie Nolan 18:27
7 Przemek Raulin 18:28
8 Tommy Fooley 18:29
9 Jordan H. 18:30
10 Ryle Phelan 18:31

Opening Hours

Open 7 days a week

Monday - Friday 2 pm -9 pm
Saturday - Sunday 12 pm-9 pm
Bank Holidays 12 pm-9 pm

Please book your drive min 1day before if you don’t want to wait.
You can drive after or before opening hours. Just call us earlier.

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