R-One Karting

We have made for you 23000 square feet of fun, adrenalin, excitement and most of all relax. On our track you can drive with Sodi 270 cc go karts with 9HP engines. They are very quick but safe at the same time. They allow the driver to experience fast racing and good grip on the track or the fun of drifting on the corners. Only the sky and your skills are the limit. Our profesional staff do they best to keep the karts in the best possible condition and to be as similar in driving as possible. Clients are our greatest value therefore we are taking every effort to make driving on our track as siutable for you as we can.

Familys with little kids can come and try if this is a good way for they children to spend their time for free. When you will come we will test if your kids can reach the pedals, can handle the kart and do they enjoy driving. No risk of loosing money unnecessary. We don't mix on the track adults with kids unless they are family related. Even it there will be just a father with his little son they will have the track just for themselves.

We are still improving our track, our go karts and our services. We take seriously all your suggestions thus don't hasitate to give them to us any time. We allow you to organize your time on the track freely as long it's safe and within reason. You can make the best wexford karting events by yourself.

Go through our website to see what else we have prepared for you to make your visit on our track a great experience. On other pages you can read everything you need to know about R-ONE Karting.


The Best R-ONE track drivers


1 Vicki Corcoron 18:93
2 Maria Kehoe 18:96
3 Tracey Firzpatrick 19:23
4 Helen G. 19:28
5 Leila Thompson 19:31
6 Larah Campbell 19:32
7 Ammy Wall 19:33
8 Danielle Lacey 19:35
9 Emma C. 19:36
10 Wicki Wheelock 19:37


1 Tom Kendrick 17:85
2 Arnold HUN. 18:19
3 Jason K. 18:22
4 J.Wilson 18:23
5 J.Dixon 18:26
6 Eddie Nolan 18:27
7 Przemek Raulin 18:28
8 Tommy Fooley 18:29
9 Jordan H. 18:30
10 Ryle Phelan 18:31

Opening Hours

Open 7 days a week

Monday - Friday 2 pm -9 pm
Saturday - Sunday 12 pm-9 pm
Bank Holidays 12 pm-9 pm

Please book your drive min 1day before if you don’t want to wait.
You can drive after or before opening hours. Just call us earlier.

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